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How to Promote Yourself During Back to School

Back to school. For some of us that brings to mind rejoicing parents, dancing in the streets, under a constant stream of champagne. For others it means a whole bunch of new digs all that elevate you to an untouchable level of cool.

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Promote Back to School Essentials.

Back to school essentials might include anything from a complete college room make-over to a kid’s first (and forever favorite) pencil case, t-shirt, or notebook. Redbubble has loads of products perfect for every student. Make sure your designs are formatted correctly and enabled on as many products as possible.


Another way to promote your designs during back to school is to bundle them with like-minded products. For example, for the classroom a drawstring bagstudio pouch + stickers would be perfect. Or, for the college student a duvet cover + throw pillow + wall tapestries. By promoting these bundles on social media, it will help your fans all the ways they can adorn their offspring and get them school-ready. Try using the carousel options on Facebook and Instagram to share your bundles on social media.

by SophieGamand

by GabrielPicolo

by WafflesCat

Trend Promotion.

Social media is going to be super helpful in finding the new trends that have been emerging over spring and into summer. Last year you may have noticed a trend towards cactus and succulents, hygge and avocados to name a few. Many of these are still trending today.

Of course, tapping into current trends Or, tap in to the current design trends for 2018 like the color Ultra Violet – Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, 3D typography, animations and more.

by ClaireOnline

by Puuung1

by ClaireOnline

Take advantage of current promotions.

During Back-to-School, companies large and small will be offer promotions on their products. Make sure to sign up for Redbubble notifications to keep up with current sales and promotions.

Don’t Forget the Parents.

Parents have often a different kind of school break to that of their child. While children are happy to be free from the tethers of teachers, parents may be counting down the days until school begins. Why not offer a special selection of designs that will send them on a mental vacation from sticky counter tops and endless piles of laundry (even if it is for only a moment or two).

Additionally, as parents are usually purchasing all this pirate booty for their young un’s, they’ll appreciate hearing about any discounts, bundles, and savings.

by Elentori

by MasatoJones

by WendyOritz

Work Your Social Media.

Social media can be a fantastic place to promote your art and shop. Facebook offers advertising and even free online training with Blueprint, so you can make Facebook the perfect marketing tool for your artwork. Yes, it’s FREE and you get a certificate upon completion. Now who’s going back to school?!

Offer a giveaway box featuring your designs on Redbubble products. A giveaway can be a great way to build excitement around your art. To make it extra fun throw in a quiz, a race to reach a social following goal, or other fun engagement approach.

Are the designs in your shop currently trending? Make sure to share these on your social media platforms so your fans know where to go. Not only does sharing keep your fans engaged with your shop but they look forward to keeping up with what you’re working on.

by Taryndraws

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