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Redbubble’s Uploader: Changing Lives, One Upload at a Time

A great man once said, “Uploading to Redbubble is both a science and an art.”

That great man’s name? …It was lost to history, but that’s beside the point.

Uploading on Redbubble isn’t just about digitally slapping designs on every product under the sun. It’s also about being thoughtful of details like placement & color, and about tailoring your designs to specific product.

Your potential buyers aren’t just buying your art – they’re buying your art on things. They come as a package and that package should look good.

Thankfully, the Redbubble Uploader is packed with features that allow you to individually adjust your designs on every product Redbubble has to offer. Read on to learn about some of its sweet features.

Not sure where to get started? Check out this video by our Resident Artist Help expert Cora, which includes uploading your artwork and adjusting it on product.

The Redbubble Uploader’s Coolest Features

Yes, I said coolest.

1. You only need to upload a single file.
The Uploader will do the heavy lifting and decide which products that file looks best on.

2. Easily center a design.
You can adjust your design so that it sits right in the center of your product. Be mindful about placement on shirts and tops – designs generally look better placed a bit higher up.

3. Fine tune products within the first upload.
If a product isn’t quite working with the image you uploaded, you can use the Replace File feature. This enables you to replace the original file for a new one, without altering the other products in the Uploader.

4. Enable or disable products with a click.
Every product preview has an easy to reach Enable/Disable button so you can toggle on great designs, or toggle off designs that don’t quite fit.

5. Auto-translate your title, tags, & description text for international buyers.
Translating your design’s title, tags, & description will make your work more accessible to global audiences. The Uploader can instantly do it for you.

“My favorite thing about the uploader is how easy it is to make a repeating pattern with one piece of art! It’s much less of a hassle than if I had to do it manually myself.” – jovaline

“I honestly can say that the RB uploader is the best I’ve used. I’ve noticed that not only the speed is amazing, but the ability to move your design around on products, and be able to see exactly how they’re going to print in real time is extremely helpful.” – nykiway

Things to Remember Before You Upload

1. Remember your file type.
The Uploader only accepts specific file types: JPG & PNG.

2. Consider your color format.
You need to upload in the color format RGB, but we recommend designing in CMYK. Confused? Read more about color formats in this blog post, “Designing in CMYK vs RGB”.

3. Design with resolution in mind.
To ensure a quality print, your file needs to have a high enough resolution. We recommend designing at 7632×6480 pixels (big enough for our king size duvet cover), because scaling images down won’t affect print quality. Read more about minimum file resolution here, in our Dimensions & Format article.

4. Think about your tags.
We can’t recommend thoughtful tagging enough! Adding tags is one of the best ways for buyers to find your work. You want to use 5-10 tags that are related, specific, & descriptive.

5. Design on transparencies.
If your design has a background, consider removing the background so that it sits on a transparency. T-shirts look especially great with designs on transparent backgrounds. You can find more on designing with transparencies in another one of our Artist Help videos, How to Make a Background Transparent in Photoshop.

6. Optimize your titles & descriptions for SEO.
Getting familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will allow you to create titles and descriptions that match up with what users are searching for.

7. Play with placement.
Take advantage of all of the features in the Redbubble Uploader: moving, scaling, centering, pattern-making. Ask yourself, where does this design look best on each product. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

8. Disable products that don’t look quite right.
If you aren’t happy with the look of some products, feel free to disable them. Or better yet, upload a new image where your design better fits the product dimensions (see point 10 for more help on this).

9. Set a default view.
You always want to put your best face forward, so to speak. The default view is the first image that a buyer sees when they’re looking through your shop. Default views can be set on any product you have available, so make sure you pick what you think looks best.

10. Download templates for trickier products.
Some products aren’t as straightforward to design for, like leggings or clocks. Thankfully, we’ve put together this set of ready-made templates to guide you through some of our trickier products

For more on uploading, check out our Uploading Work article on the Help Center. Happy Uploading!

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