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Open Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Artwork and Why?

In every artist shop and profile comfortably sits the artist’s personal favorite design. Which of your designs do you feel the strongest connection to? Check out some favorites from fellow artists below.

by MicaelaDawn 

by Josemanuelerre

by Slynyrd

“Not only is it among my faves aesthetically (even if it doesn’t sell all that well), but it helped me get out of my worst, longest creative rut since I began my journey into digital illustration.” -Hector Mansilla

Sentiment and attachment

At least a little and probably a lot of love goes into each design, photograph, painting, and illustration. Our feelings towards our individual artworks extends beyond views, favorites, and even sales. Our personal favorites may represent “eureka” moments, sailing over an artistic hurdle, a tender moment, or it’s just our favorite.

Is your favorite a top-seller?

In our conversations with Redbubble artists, we’ve discovered that this is quite often not the case. It makes sense that your favorite may equal sales but there really isn’t any way to determine what someone else’s favorite (anything) will be.

“…most importantly, this piece established several core elements that have come to define my unique style.”-Slynyrd

by Cale Lobba

by LordWharts

by Hector Mansilla

“Although it’s not my best-seller, this picture has all the elements I love in photography…I feel like all the elements from this composition were posing for me in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.” -Josemanuelerre

The backstory

Behind every artwork, there is often a story. Consider DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”, and Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Maybe your cat walked across your keyboard and viola, a new style was born or maybe you just drank too much one night (hydration can do crazy things) and created this awesome thing you woke up to? It is funny what our minds do when it thinks no one is looking.

How did the work influence future works? How did this art affect you? Those stories often define how and what we do with our future designs and works. Was this the case with your favorite? We’ll get the campfire going while you’re cracking your story-telling knuckles.

Share the link to your work and the story behind the design in the comments below.

(Header Art by Veeranoir)

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