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How to Be More Creative In 10 Minutes a Day

When asked by Redbubble to create a blog post, besides being completely blown away by the offer, it got me thinking about what has made the biggest difference in my creative life. I’ve been doing illustration professionally for over 30 years and mostly saw my creative work as simply a job. Something changed for me about 10 years ago when I started doing daily artwork for fun and exploration!

Blue Gathering

I came across the idea that even 10 minutes a day would open the door to something bigger. The creative process has a life of its own!  It’s so much fun when going with the flow of what is unfolding at the moment.

The creativity process is like that, it’s amazingly unpredictable but completely reliable! I explore how creating daily has impacted my work and life in the video below.

“When I started creating everyday, I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself….I show up and do something even if I just draw a circle, put some ears on it, and call it a cat.”

Chasing the Moon

Tail Hug

Pink Black & White

Offset Whiskers

Check out my Youtube video and leave a comment about your experience with daily creating! And of course I would love it if you Subscribed! Happy exploring!-Terry