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Artist Updates: Translated Titles

In 2016 we launched Redbubble in German, French, and Spanish, and to give your work even greater exposure, we’ve just introduced a new feature.

Your work titles will now be automatically translated for people browsing in these languages. And for our French, Spanish and German-speaking artists, we’ll automatically translate titles to English for you. Easy peasy.

This will give your designs a better chance of ranking higher in search results in more locations, and can potentially improve the experience for people viewing Redbubble in other languages.


If you’d prefer to keep your titles as they are, or you’re multilingual and want to make your own edits or changes, additional fields have been added to the uploader so you can manually enter titles for each language.

Whether it’s Berlin or Brussels, Marseille or Mallorca, we hope this update will bring your creative talents to an even larger audience.

Change your language preferences to check out your titles in German, French, and Spanish.

Have feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

(Header Image: Riding In Budapest by hudolin)

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