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The Art of Freelancing: Hector Mansilla

Artist Hector Mansilla also known around Redbubble as Againstbound has been a freelance artist for nearly a decade. Hector’s design “Birth” was one of the runner’s up in the recent State Library of Victoria’s #CreateArtHistory challenge. 

Based in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, where he lives with his rescued dogs, Hector creates works inspired by his passion for music, comics, video games, and sci-fi (there was also a mention of chicken wings).

Read on to get some tips from Hector on escaping your day job and living the dream of a full-time artist.

Leader of the Pack


“In the past when having panic episodes where I wasn’t making much money off my illustration, rather than look for alternatives, I’ve doubled down and worked harder.”

The Devil Roams These Waters

Mt. Fuji



“Being an artist is hard, making a living off it is much harder, but if a guy from a small city in Mexico who’s bad at drawing can make it, why can’t you?”

Fading Dahlia

Not with a whimper but a bang

“So try, and then keep trying, and then some more; yes, this is the most basic of advice, but I believe it remains the most important. So keep at it, you might just escape your office job and never look back.”

Read Hector’s interview to find out more on his life as a freelance artist.

What has been the best piece of advice you’re received as an artist? Share in the comments below.

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