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Free Stock Images for Your Artwork

Stock photos can be used for all sorts of fun projects, such as photo-manipulations, collages, art reference, or even backdrops for imaginary vacations. Often sold one image at a time or through membership plans, each service has their own rules for how you can use the images. Free stock and public domain images are great as you can save some cash, and depending on the license, even use them for commercial projects. Here’s a handful of free stock websites to get you started.


One of the largest free stock websites, Pixabay is filled with free images, illustrations, and even videos. Everything you find on the site is provided by the community and is under a Creative Commons license, which means they are free for commercial use without attribution.

Check it out here.


With over 40,000 images in a variety of categories, Pexels supplies free images that can be used for any legal purpose. Most of the images are of a more artistic quality than other sites. There’s also a Chrome extension and even Photoshop plugins that can make it easier to use images in your projects.

Check it out here.


Featuring over 300,000 high resolution images all submitted by a large community of photographers. Every image is available for personal or commercial projects and there’s no need to credit the photographers. Although, you can follow your favorite photographers so credit would be much appreciated. This site has a vibrant community and even promotes works made from the stock images.

Check it out here


With over 390,000 photos and illustrations, this free stock photo site comes from Getty Images. As opposed to the other services, not all of the images are available for commercial purposes. Make sure to check out the license details for each image you want to use.

Check it out here

Negative Space

Similar to Unsplash, Negative Space allows photographers to join and contribute. All of the images are under a Creative Commons CC0 license and are completely free to use for commercial or personal purposes. You can even sign up to have free images delivered to your inbox. You may notice that many of the images do have a filter or some form of image correction/editing, however there are many inspiring photos to be had.

Check it out here

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