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Letter Shoppe Creates An Awesome Design For Redbubble’s 11th Birthday

Hand lettering artist, Dina Rodriguez, also known around the Bubble as Letter Shoppe, designed this year’s RB birthday design. We don’t turn 11 every year, but will on Friday, Feb. 2,  and what better way to celebrate than with some cooler than cool typography?

Dina, being the kickass Hand Lettering Artist and Businesswoman Extraordinaire that she is, was the perfect choice to create our 11th birthday t-shirt design. Her design, features trending topics, bold colors, and all the things that are even better than birthday cake.

Love Letter Shoppe’s design as much as we do? Check out her hand lettering process from beginning to end.

Design concept 1

Final design concept

Design concept 2

What do you think of Letter Shoppe’s Design? Share in the comments below.

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