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Inspiring Design Trends for 2018

Recognizing trends in art and design can be a solid source of inspiration, and not only help to bring bring your work to new levels, but also give you the knowledge to create products fans will be searching for. Many of the trends from last year will carry over into the new year, such as floral designs, glitch art, and hand-drawn illustrations. However, with digital artwork becoming more popular, 2018 is sure to be a year filled with multiple techniques and aesthetics all mashed together resulting in a whole lotta awesome. Let’s take a look at a few of these trends that are already gaining in popularity.

Creative Typography

Typographic designs are always trending in one form or another, but creative uses such as cropped, negative space, chaotic, and even typography that interacts with the design elements, will stand out among the rest.

Check out some tips on typographic designs.

Double Exposures

Double exposures in photography, as well as illustration, are becoming a popular trend with graphic design and even movie posters. Add in some monochromatic elements, or even duotone color effects, and your work will shine. Check out some inspiring examples.

Gradients & Bold Colors

Bold colors, such as the new Pantone color of the year, help to give designs more volume and energy. These striking color palettes, along with a resurgence of gradients, are marking a shift from flat design trends. Add in some hand-drawn elements—which will continue to gain popularity—and even patterns will pop.

Overlays & Collages

Adding illustrative or geometric elements over photographs is very hot right now and creates a striking feel. Add in some digital collage, or even traditional painted layers, and you have a mixed-media image sure to turn heads.

Learn more about digital collage techniques, and how to create botanical collages with #CreateArtHistory winner Paul Summerfield.

3D & Metallics

With more programs such as Adobe Photoshop incorporating 3D models, static and animated designs are featuring more 3D rendered elements. This trend is also popularizing metallic colors and surfaces. Add this to the continued popularity of the 80’s design aesthetic, and your works will look fresh with a hint of nostalgia.

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(Banner Image: “Northern” by sublimenation)

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