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Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Easily one of the most accessible ways to look at art and keep up with emerging trends, Instagram continues to be a powerful tool for artists, art fans, and famous cat personalities alike. So, we put together a list featuring a selection of artists that not only have a strong social media game, but are also creating designs that fit perfectly with the trends sure to make 2018 a very creative year.

You can follow the artists on Redbubble via the profile link, and on Instagram with the follow button.

For those into the comical side of life

Andres Colmenares

Perfectly silly comics that fans adore. – Profile

Randy Otter

Weird and wonderful comics that are very punny. – Profile

Tantalizing typography for those into text


Hand lettering artist/founder of Women of Illustration. – Profile

Stephane Lopes

A very inspiring hand lettering artist out of France. – Profile

If sequential art and story-telling is your thing

Catana Comics

Viral comics inspired by her bearded boyfriend doing things. – Profile


Is chronicling adventures in the Pacific Northwest. – Profile

If surreal and fantasy feeds your imagination

Adam Priester

Bold colors, 3D elements, and an infectious retro vibe. – Profile


Mysterious and fantastical designs. – Profile

For those whose peepers prefer photomontage


Stunning illustrations and digital collage. – Profile

Frank Moth

Nostalgic postcards from a dazzling art duo. – Profile

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(Banner Image: “Mountain Men” by slugdraws)

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