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How to Refresh Your Social Media Accounts for 2018

The start of a new year always brings a fresh and exciting feeling, much like a new paintbrush or canvas. Along with trying new things, such as not drinking from the paint cup for once, it’s a good idea to plan and prepare yourself for the next year. As social media is one of the major tools for promoting your work to a wider audience, it’s the perfect time to give your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram a refresh.

Update Your Profiles

Like a new pair of sneakers, giving your social media profiles a graphic refresh will help put a spring in your step. If your profile allows for a background or header graphics, make something new that’ll show off your current style or feature your latest works.

  • It’s a good idea to change your avatar, unless it features your logo or is something that your fans easily associate with you. Some avatars function like a logo, and if this is the case with yours keep it the same.
  • Check all of your social media usernames and make sure they match. The most common way for fans to find your work on various social media platforms is by using the same username.
  • Finally, connect all of your social media accounts together, and you can also add them to your Redbubble profile here.

Develop a Content Plan

While it may not be easy to plan a full year’s worth of content, you can create a list of designs and styles that your fans react to the most. Take a look at your most liked/commented posts for the previous year, and keep an eye on repeating themes that fans appreciate. Do they like work in progress shots, or maybe photos of your studio? Have a good idea of posts you know will be popular as they will help when you’re short on content, or they can be used to boost your profile if you notice your likes/comments dropping.

Remember, it’s ok to post images you have already posted before. Make sure there’s significant time in between reposts, but unlike food your art does not expire. If it resonated with your fans once, it will surely catch their attention again. Pro-tip: Check out this post for helpful social media tools. 

Offer Exclusive Content

Posting high quality images consistently, is one of the most important things you can do for your social media efforts. However, offering exclusive content is an ideal way to engage your fans and keep the new ones coming back for more. This can be contests that take place in Instagram stories, live streams where you share techniques and answer questions, or even offering Photoshop brushes, textures, and PSD files for fellow artists to learn from.

In our latest guest post by Slynyrd, he talks about how services like Patreon can not only help to boost income, but allow you to offer exclusive content for your fans.  Flattr is another service that works in a similar way.

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(Header Art: Flying Bird House by schwebewesen)

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