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Empowering Art and the Women’s March 2018

Unity For All

Last year, the Women’s March movement brought together millions of people showing their support for human rights including; women’s rights, LGBTQIA, disability and civil rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, immigration reform, the environment and much more. It was the largest single-day protest in US History.1

It’s now the one-year anniversary of this massive event, and they’re gathering again. On January 21st, Power to the Polls will launch a national voter registration tour in Las Vegas, Nevada, and kick off a series of events all over the world to continue the push for change and unity. One of the many exciting things of this historical movement, is the artists coming together and sharing their creativity with designs that support the march and everything this energetic movement stands for.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite inspirational designs by Redbubble artists.

Learn more about the Women’s March.

Share your designs that support unity in the comments below.

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