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Open Discussion: What’s Your Artistic New Year’s Resolution for 2018?

Dream Big, Set Goals

A new year will soon be upon us, and with that a sense of relief and excitement for what’s to come. Every new year is a fresh start, and making a New Year’s resolution is an attempt to kick it off in the most awesome way possible. Maybe it’s a plan to eat healthier, draw more, or even take some online classes to learn how to waste time on the internet. This is totally a real class by the way.

Regardless of what your resolution is, the best goals are the ones you can reasonably achieve. Goals that are too large in scope are like having eyes too big for your stomach, and you just end up feeling guilty afterwards. Having a clear and achievable goal is the way to go.

For this Open Discussion topic: What, if anything, is your New Year’s art resolution? Whether it’s learning new skills, marketing on social media more, or even making your own art supplies.

In addition to sharing your creative New Year’s resolution, we’re also asking you all to offer tips, advice, and words of encouragement to each other. Having support from your peers make it much easier to make those goals a reality. Let’s make 2018 a year overflowing with creativity.

Share your New Year’s resolution in the comments below.

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