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Tips for Designing Premium T-Shirts

Recently, we released Premium T-shirts for Men and Women. Now your designs have a high quality canvas your fans will love. Each premium t-shirt is shipped with it’s own custom wash bag, which not only helps to retain the shirt’s freshness, but will keep it looking awesome wash after wash. Your art deserves it.

As this is a premium product, it requires some special attention when creating and uploading new designs. The tips we shared in our previous post on designing for t-shirts is a great place to start, however this post will focus more on making the most of this exciting new product.

Developing New Ideas

With exceptional quality, superior prints, and perfect fit, these shirts will attract customers looking for a premium experience. When coming up with new ideas, think about the types of customers that would be interested in the Premium T-Shirt. Get into their heads and design something that is sure to make them shout “superlative”, “transcendent”, and “exquisite.”

Get Typographic. Text-based designs always make statement, but with Premium T-Shirts the statement needs to have impact. Think about trending topics and come up with typographic designs that help customers express exactly how they feel. A few topics to get started could be travel, social movements, feelings, and even popular activities like brunch or camping.

Get Minimal. Large and even boxy designs might look great on the Men’s shirt, whereas smaller designs with more complex and stylish areas of negative space, will look better on the Women’s shirt. Play around with shape and color, as well as the variety of line-work. The print area for these shirts is large, but don’t be afraid to make something more minimal in size and detail. An elegant and minimal line drawing of a forest forest for example, could be exactly what someone interested in Premium T-Shirts is looking for. Here are some example of some inspiring minimal designs:

(Art by cabinsupplyco)

Preparing Your Files

Before uploading your designs, take some time to make sure to the file is print ready. Any stray pixels or harsh jagged edges from extracting the design from a background, will show up and could lessen the impact of the premium experience. When a customer opens the wash bag the shirt is shipped in, low-resolution or blurry images could turn a smile into a frown. No one want that.

While the print area for the Premium T-Shirts is a generous 2875 x 3900 px, consider making minimal or smaller designs as well. Depending on the design, it might even be a good idea to place it in where the pocket would be found.

Pro-tip: use halftones for creating gradient effects, and consider creating your initial design in CYMK to have more control over your colors. Learn more here.

Learn more about creating transparent designs here. (Art by wolfandbird)

Uploading Your Designs


Premium T-Shirts can be found in the “Large Print Clothing” section in the uploader, this is also where the Long T-Shirt can be found.

Due to the large print size, it’s best to upload files that meet or exceed the required pixel dimensions. The high-quality and heavyweight fabric of the Premium T-Shirts will help to make your designs look sweet, so make sure to upload crisp and clean files. We don’t recommend scaling up your existing designs as this adds new pixels and could degrade the quality. Learn more here.

Once your file is uploaded, take some time to position the design so it looks best on each of the large print shirts. The Women’s Premium T-Shirt has a scoop neck, and will sit differently than on the Men’s t-shirt. Due to this, there might be some designs that look great on one shirt and not the other. The goal is to make sure these Premium T-Shirts look as striking as possible.

Most designs look great aligned to the top of the print area. (Art By cmanning)

Final Tips

  1. Typographic and minimal designs look great on Premium T-Shirts. Experiment with different styles and see which ones work best.
  2. Think about how the design will look when wearing a jacket or other accessories.
  3. To help promote your designs on social media, check out our custom mockup templates for shirts.

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(Header Art: Double Je (couleur) by exitman)

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