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Artist Updates: Tax Feature

We’re very excited to announce a new feature for artist accounts. It’s one that has us dancing, and we know tax stuff gets your feet tapping as well. If you’re an artist that’s registered for sales tax, such as GST or VAT, this feature is all about you. Otherwise, check out our current Holiday Design Challenge.

This new feature will allow you to add your VAT or GST number—if you have one— in your account details. To do this, go to (1) Account Settings then (2) Edit Payment Details, then scroll down until you see (3) “Taxes and Exemptions”. Now you can fill in your Tax Country and GST/VAT Number. Easy as that. Once that’s updated, every time your work sells we can use this information.

Note: This feature will only be visible if your Residential Address reflects a country that GST/VAT is available. 

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(Header Image: Redwood Forest by lawsonimages)

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