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Redbubble Update: Sell more with new, faster pages

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Everyone hates waiting. Especially when online shopping. And we know that on Redbubble, having to wait longer than expected to find and buy an awesome new thing can be super frustrating. Who likes staring at that dumb spinning loading thingy while waiting for a site to load? Not this anonymous blog writer.

A faster online shopping experience is not only more enjoyable, but is also proven to increase sales. That’s why we’ve set out to light a rocket under Redbubble and make sure we’re the fastest marketplace in town.

So WTH does that mean?

Featured Art: “Cactus Heart” by ranggasme

Faster page speeds starting with T-Shirts

A new, super-fast t-shirt buying experience is on its way. It’s our first big step in speeding up the whole site and we’re excited to roll it out to help you sell more over the holidays and beyond.

These pages are up to 4 times faster, especially on mobile devices where speed is even more important. We did some testing and found that faster pages resulted in more awesome stuff being found and added to carts. Cha-ching!

A new look for a cleaner experience

While a bunch of nerdy stuff on the backend goes into making this happen, speed isn’t just about faster servers or smaller files; it’s also about making the experience feel faster too. To that end, we’ve streamlined some things and you’ll find a  few familiar features missing for now – most notably Artwork Comments, and the full list of “Available Products”.

Don’t worry, though, all’s not lost forever. We’ll be working over the next few months to find faster, better ways of reintegrating these features. Please note that these changes currently apply to only the t-shirt product page. You can still find all your comments and the product list on other product pages.

The end result – just what your fans need to get their awesome thing as fast as possible.

Recommendations for all!

We’ve been doing a lot of testing around recommending related works to the ones viewed from any of our artists. Results have proven that this benefits the entire marketplace, helping more artists sell more often. As a result, we’ll be showing these recommendations to everyone, and continue to refine when, where, and how often they appear as we further improve the page.

We’re by no means done here, this is just the starting point. There are big plans going forward, small things to cleanup straight away, all our international languages to add in, and a whole catalog of products to move into our new fast world. As always, in addition to the artists we’ve been consulting along the way, your feedback is very welcome.

Please comment below and let’s chat.

(Banner image: ‘Never Seen’ by scarything)

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