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Designing Spooktacular Costume Shirts for Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast and that means costumes and candy. While some will be looking for a costume sure to make even the most discerning ghouls applaud, others will simply put on a comfy costume shirt and focus on the candy. No tricks just the treats.

Costume shirts are an easy way to (sort of) fit in with the creepy festivities, and you can even wear them all year round without looking too odd. As the 31st draws closer, fans will be on the lookout for easy costumes to wear. With that in mind, here are some tips for creating fun shirts that will make them booo with delight.

Use Your Words

Text based costume shirts makes a statement. Literally. They gets right to the point and are good for a chuckle or two. The trick to making this style is to use an easy to read font, clean or spooky, and make a clever pun. You can add some graphics if you want, but keep in mind that less is more.

The shirt will end up doing all the talking, so think about few different sayings that can help the wearer express, “yes this is my halloween costume, now make with the candy.” Grab some spooky (and free) fonts here.

halloween costume shirts spooky creepy cute

Get Graphic

Illustrative costume shirts can not only act as the entire costume, but also form the basis of a more elaborate one. Those looking for a unique costume can get a graphic t-shirt, a pair of spooky leggings, some makeup and a few other accessories, and they’re ready to go.

When designing this style of shirt, think about what would fit best on the front panel. The Chiffon top, graphic t-shirt, contrast tank, and even the graphic t-shirt dress, can all work as a great costume. However, as the sleeves are blank (or missing) on each of these products, keep in mind how your design might be cropped.

Here are templates for graphic t-shirts and chiffon tops/graphic t-shirt dresses to get you started.

Monster Mash It Up

If you’re making a graphic based costume shirt, think about ways you can make the design stand out. Maybe it’s a zombie rib cage or hands that look like their pressing on the shirt trying to get out. Costume shirts that create a visual illusion are not only fun to design, but very striking and sure to spark a conversation.

Your costume design can be creepy, cute, or even creepy-cute. Resident artist Nyki Way created a design perfect for halloween or everyday, especially if you love corgis.

The main thing is to have fun. Costume shirts are an easy way to dress up for Halloween, but they’re also ideal for folks who want something comfortable and lightweight enough to allow them to get all the treats.

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