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Hanging Wall Art Without Frames

One of the many benefits of decorating with wall art, is the ability to immediately liven up a space. Prints are like tattoos for living rooms, but much easier to remove, which is good especially if your tastes shift over time.

While you can express yourself with art in many ways, there is also a wide variety of ways to hang it. A standard frame is nice, and classy to boot, but here are a few alternative methods for decorating those blank walls.

Wooden Pants Hanger

Ideal for pants but also perfect for hanging art prints, or even prints that have pants in it. This method is great for smaller prints as the bottom will be untouched and not connected to anything. Make sure to flatten the print as much as possible before clipping the hanger to it. You can either attach it to a nail using the hook, or the space where the hook is attached. Your trousers will be jealous.

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Clothes Pins

Using clothes pins is very similar to the wooden hanger. As the two pins are connected using a length of string, it allows you to hang even larger prints. Connect the string to either the spring on the clothes pin, or you can glue the end of the string to the back of the clothes pin. This method has a very rustic feel, but with just a little bit of paint and a change of string, you can make it more colorful. This is preferred among unicorns.


For a clean and minimal look, magnets are a great way to hang lightweight prints and posters. Using small magnets like Neodymium disc magnets, you can attach one magnet to the wall using a dab of glue and small nail, and then allow the other magnet to hold the print in between. The tiny magnets are very strong and make it easy to quickly swap out prints. If you don’t want to attach the magnets to nail/pushpin yourself, you can get pre-made sets like those from Magnetack.

Pro-tip: This is also a great way to attach tapestries to metal window sills. See you later sun.

Velcro Mounting Strips

Art Boards come packaged with small velcro dots that make it easy to mount the board to any flat surface. However, using velcro hanging strips also works for metal and canvas prints. This is an ideal way to hang wall art, especially if you’re renting and don’t want to add any extra holes to the walls. Along with making it very easy to hang art, velcro strips also make cool noises when you use them.

Magnetic Poster Hanger

This method is like a mash-up of the clothes pin and wooden hanger. Using wooden slats, Neodymium Magnets, and twine, the top and bottom of your prints are held in between the slats. It has a similar feel to a standard frame but a bit more open. This type of setup can be made, but you can also get a set of pre-made hangers as well.

Pro-tip: You can even have a different print on each side, so all you need to do is flip the frame. Now that’s magic.

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(Header Image: “Medicine Sloth” by Tanya Bond)

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