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Tools to Help Boost Your Social Media Efforts

It takes a lot of dedication and creativity to grow a strong social media presence. It also takes cat gifs, lots of cat gifs. Either way, there’s no point in working harder when there are helpful—and free—tools to boost your efforts. Here are some favorites.


Scheduling your posts ahead of time can add years to your life. True story. With Buffer you can schedule posts for all of the major social media platforms. This way you can think about your content, plan around holidays and upcoming promotions, or take a much needed vacation. Your fans will never know you were gone. How sneaky of you.


Instagram only allows for one link in your profile, which is sad. Using a custom url and magic popup, Linktree lets you link to your website, Redbubble shop, email, or anything else worth sharing. Now your links have some buddies, and that’s worth smiling about.


How much do you really know about your followers? One of them could be a polar bear and you’d never know. Socialrank lets you manage your followers by interests, hashtags, and even location. Find your most engaged followers on Twitter and Instagram and then reach out to say thanks. And send that polar bear some stickers, they love stickers.


IFTTT allows users to create recipes for a variety of services. However, these recipes use applets, which is almost as good as using chocolate chips. You can have the daily weather texted to you, send automatic text messages and posts based on your location, and even create a recipe to update your Twitter avatar whenever you add a new one to Facebook.


When a fan sees something on your feed they want to buy, it should be as easy as possible for them to find it. You don’t want them getting lost in the vast wilderness of the interwebs. Shopthisfeed provides a special gallery filled with your products on Instagram. Just make sure not to list your lunch for sale. Unless you like sharing.

Pro-tip: Along with these helpful services, remember to check out our custom promotional templates. Show off your designs in style and make your social media feed awesomer.

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(Header image: Cats by volkandalyan)

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