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Introducing the New Redbubble Blog

We’re very pleased to announce the new Redbubble Blog. This new version is bigger, stronger, more awesomer.

So what’s this new blog all about? Well, many of the things we’ve been focusing on but much easier to find, and more importantly ideal for mobile enjoyment. Now you can catch up on all the latest tutorials, product launches, and challenges, from the comfort of your mobile phone. Commuting just got a creative upgrade.

We have four new sections to peruse:

Artist Resources: Get custom templates, learn about new products, and step up your art game.

Find Your Thing: Gift guides, collections, and everything you didn’t know was your thing until now.

Challenges: Test your chops in quick draws and contests, you may even win some money.

Community: Connect with the artist community through features, interviews, and residency updates.

Find your thing, challenges, artist resources, community, new Redbubble Blog

We hope you like the new blog as much as this guy likes pickles.

If loving pickles is wrong, this guy doesn't want to be right.

(Featured art: Pickle Party! by Littleclyde – Epic-kle by trasmano – Hold the Pickle by willruocco)

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