Redbubble Staff Picks

We are always amazed by the incredible talent of our artist community. Each month, Redbubble staff chose a handful of artists and their works to showcase. Scroll down to see a few of our favorites and make sure to check out staff picks from previous months.

"Twins" by StressieCat

Stressiecat, a registered trademark, is created by fine art and illustration artist, Lucia Stewart. Charming creatures on amusing adventures are guaranteed to give you warm fuzzies.

"Her whimsical designs and use of vibrant colour make my heart sing." -Rhana, Controversial Content Coordinator

"dove l'acqua incontra il cielo" by Amelia Caruso

"I just really enjoy the variety of all her pieces, while still maintaining a consistent style." -Andrew, Customer Experience Operations Coordinator

Blending beauty, grace, and chemistry, Coloradan artist, Amelia Caruso hopes her viewer will experience the energy and flow of her art.

"Koala with Koalafication Polygon Art" by Polymolystudio

Australian artist, Polymolystudio, is a full-time Graphic Designer and part-time Illustrator. Sharing his passion for digital polygon designs, he creates bold art from animals to edibles.

"I love Polymolystudio playful images, taking well-known objects, creatures, and food and applying a digital polygon edge. Super fun, super colorful. I LOVE IT!! " -Amanda

"Ink #2" by Flor Kaneshiro

Freelance artist Flor Kaneshiro is a 3rd generation Uchinaanchu (Okinawan). Having studied traditional arts at the Okinawa Prefecture University of Arts, Japan, her art expresses the beautiful art of storytelling and design.

"Beautiful, so technically proficient in this style! I also love how strong this artist's style is throughout all the artworks they have uploaded." - Jo, Researcher

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s staff picks! Share your favorites in the comments below.

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