Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to be Better Than His Jokes

Let’s face it, Dad’s often get the unique jobs of fearless hero of the spider-relocator program, duct-tape wizard, and gourmet chef (using only fire and a skewer).

This year, surprise Dad by showing that you “get him” – even if you’re still working that out – by choosing something original. Just like him.

The Geek

This might be your Dad if he can argue the history of DC and Marvel comics like a politician, owns the original VHS copies of Star Wars and gets sparkle eyes over every new gadget. If this sounds like your Dad, then these are the designs you’re looking for.

“Thug Life (Pew Pew Pew)” by Jarhumor, “Uke, I am your Father!” by SirWatson, and “Hero” by Nic Squirrell.

The Best Friend

This Dad is always there with a hug or a tissue when you need one, will sing along with your favorite soundtrack, and let you and your friends practice the fine art of makeup application on him. Show him you appreciate his sensitive side with one of these designs.

“Best Unicorn Dad” by Sugarhai, “Daddy Duck” by JMHurd, and “PaPa” by AndyWestface

The Handy Man

If your Dad is skilled in the art of duct-tape sorcery, is an IKEA flat-pack guru, and “hammer time” involves using an actual hammer then these designs will be the perfect addition.

“Hammer Ends” by DrewSomervell, “Bicycle Building” by SamBrewster, and “List of Things that hold things Up or Together” by Ellajayerose

The Rebel

This badass of a Dad embraces his wild side, inspiring awe and wonder in his wake. If the neighborhood kids all stood by in awed admiration when your Dad was nearby, then he’ll find these designs too cool for school.

“The DAD” by andbloom, “For Those About to Rock” by DinoMike, and “Bika Grove” by Guloo

The Adventurer

Exploring, camping, hiking, and traveling are what make this Dad so great. This Father’s Day give your Dad a design that supports his adventurous spirit.

“The Great Outdoors” by TonyRiff, “Worth the Climb” by CabinSupplyCo, and “Happy Camper (Retro, 70s, Camping)” by AmandaWeedmark

The Chef

This Dad wakes up early to make pancakes on the weekends and is a certified grill “master”. You won’t find “casserole” in his vocabulary but you might find him in one of these designs.

Grilla” by Sophie Corrigan, “Captain Pancake” by Nickv47, and “Rad Dad” by Heatherlandis

(Banner image featuring Taco Time! by bykai)

Share your favorite Father’s Day designs in the comments below.

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