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Tips on Designing for Special Events

Throughout the year there are specific events that are ideal for creating new designs. Redbubble challenges are one example, but there are also many holidays, conventions, and pop culture related events that come around as well. Whether it’s Halloween, Squirrel Appreciation Day, or even Shark Week, we have some tips to prepare you for these trending occasions.

"Nuts and Squirrels" by smalldrawing

Plan Ahead

There’s an endless amount of events during the year, even unique holidays to celebrate like National Doughnut Day. Do a quick search to find some inspiring events and add them to a calendar. This way you know what’s coming and how long you have to prepare. We brought up the topic of shark week, which starts in July, so if you wanted to create a new shark design it would be a good idea to get one finished a few weeks before the actual event starts. This gives you time to create the design, add it to your shops, and for customers to purchase and receive it in time. This also gives you time to promote the designs on your various social media accounts.


Once you’ve found an event that inspires you, do a quick search and see what’s already been created. Research is always a good idea. Being aware of what’s been created in relation to a trending topic, lessens the chance of working hard on a design that might already exist in some form. Multiple discovery isn’t just for scientists. There are many artists out there that have created similar works, even around the same time frame. This can not only be awkward for the artists, but might also hinder the visibility of your design. So, it’s worth it to do a little research so you can feel confident and inspired to create that truly unique design. Like a new piece for the Festival of Sleep Day. (Which is totally a real thing. Every January 3rd.)

"l love to stay in bed" by vian

Have Fun

The most important tip is simply to have fun. As with all of your work, the excitement you have while creating a new design will shine through in the finished piece. This is especially true with special event related works. If it’s shark week for example, and you happen to be a huge fan of sharks, other shark fans will see this and your design will stand out above others. The connections that are made and the community we share with each other when it comes to special interests, is why art is so amazing. There’s no better way to connect with your fans, but to be wearing a shirt design made by a fan for other fans.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

(Header Image: “Shark Exoskeleton” by Kaitlin Beckett

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