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Sequential Art on Art Boards

Every work of art has a story to tell. However, some stories are big enough to require an entire series of works. Sequential art, such as comic books and graphic novels, are one popular example. In our post on Reasons to Promote Your Work on Art Boards, we mentioned that this product was perfect for displaying art in a series or collection.

"Familiar Business" by thecojsz

The example above by thecojsz, features a classic comic strip layout. While comic strips are perfectly suited for a wide range of products, they look stunning on art boards. The textured feel of the boards add a nice feel to the comic style illustration.

“From Above” is an ongoing comic book series by Craig Bruyn. In the two boards above, Craig has created a collage made up from many of the elements and characters found in the comic book. The works are still inspired by sequential art, but have a more decorative feel and look excellent in multiples.

Dörfler” is a comic by Jeremy Baum.  Fans of the comic have the option to display their favorite panels, as Jeremy has made many of them available as art boards. The original panels for the comic were created with pen, ink, and markers on Bristol board, and look right at home on the textured surface of the art boards.

You can see the texture and thickness of the board above, as well as the velcro mounting strips that come with each board. For those artists working in a series, whether it’s a comic book or even cartoons, the affordable price and easy mounting make it easy and enticing for fans to collect and display an entire series of your works.

For your promotional needs, we also have a new Art Boards Series Template. (Example Below). This template works much like our previous templates.

Featured works by Matthew Dunn

Add your sequential works to Art Boards. Share them in the comments below.

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