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Redbubble Staff Picks for April

Redbubble is an international company that welcomes artists from every rounded corner of the Earth. In addition to our wildly diverse artist community, we also have an equally diverse culture of people that work behind the scenes to make Redbubble it’s most awesome. Read on to see some of our staff favorites, some new designs from 2017, and meet artists from our community.

"I love the colours and textures that Ingrid captures in her images. They are beautiful compositions that encourage reflection." - Celia, Senior Product Manager

"wall of tears" canvas print by Ingrid Beddoes

"Such a clear understanding of design and materials, the colours are fantastic - a true master!" - Dominic, Artist Engagement Manager

"the new man" framed print by Loui Jover

"The design is so cute and fun, it brings a smile to my face." - Candy, Engineer

"Sweet summer" art print by Anna Alekseeva

"CATS... and other silly animals!" - Jared, CX Supervisor

"Space Kitties Reporting for Duty" gallery board by genericllama

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s staff picks! Share your favorites in the comments below.

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Jen Durant

Redbubble Artist Relationship Manager