Mother’s Day – Gifts For Every Mum

We know you want to get your Mum the perfect gift and one that is perfect for your wallet (let’s face it, borrowing money from your Mum to buy her a Mother’s day gift is a bit cheeky). We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. Now you can jump for joy, you won’t be disowned this year.

Gifts $10 and under – Greeting cards, stickers, and art boards

“Happy Happy Mom Day” by SillyHilli, “Jardin de l’Amour” by , and “The CAT” by 

Your Mom will feel extra special knowing you chose a unique greeting card from an independent artist. Art boards are a great way to add a bit of color and love to your Mum’s favorite space (your old bedroom). And stickers, everyone loves stickers.

Gifts $15 and under – Spiral notebooks, mugs, and photographic prints

“Peacock” by , “A Cup of Sunshine” by , and “Botanical-Clover” by 

If your Mom is like mine, then she is always on the hunt for a piece of paper. A spiral notebook can solve this. She’ll happily sketch away while sipping her favorite beverage from her new mug and planning out the best way to redecorate your room with affordable photographic prints.

Gifts $25 and underTote bags acrylic blocks, and hardcover journals

“Pretty Botanicals” by , “Flowers of Spring” by , and “Take Care” by 

Tote bags make a super-stylish overflow bag for all her favorite and second favorite things and all those other things (what do Mom’s carry in their purses anyway??) – an acrylic block and a hardback journal of course (you never know when one of those might come in handy).

Gifts $35 and underThrow pillows, clocks, and contrast tanks

“Sweet Family” by , “Wild, free and magical” by , and “THE GARDEN” by 

Encourage your Mum to relax and put her feet up for a minute (ok, two) with a soft and comfy throw pillow. She’ll also love having a bright, cheerful clock to help countdown the hours (till you move out), all the while, looking super stylish and chill in a new contrast tank.

Skies the limit! Gifts over $35 – Framed prints, wall tapestries, and A-line dresses

“ArtNSole” by , “New york city landscape. Ny. Manhattan” by , and “Taco” by 

Wish you could afford to send your Mom on a vacation but camping in the backyard isn’t really her thing? Give her a wall tapestry of her favorite city instead. Framed prints and A-line dresses are always great choices too. You know you’d love to take your Mom to dinner but she’s not really into frozen pizza cuisine. So pick up your favorite food on an A-line dress instead!

Share your thoughts and favorites in the comments below.

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