Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated annually and worldwide on April 22. The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and since then, through the ongoing efforts of supporters, environmental agencies, and activists, is now recognized in over 192 countries. In celebration of this day, we’ve gathered some of our favorite “Earth Day” inspired designs.

Earth Day Art Prints: “save the planet, EAT HUMANS – doodle” by FandomizedRose, “Space Adventure” by motuwe, and “Earth, geometric print” by FLATOWL

Earth Day t-shirts: “Everyday is Earth Day” by trueblue2, “Global Warming Up” by Andres Colmenares, and “Treehugger” by Rob Price

Earth Day Tote Bags: :Save the Planet” by Vectorland, “Reduce, reuse, recycle” by kondratya, and “Winds of Change” by rubyred

Earth Day Acrylic Blocks: “REFLECTION” by yanmos, “Magic forest” by Ruta Dumalakaite, and “Planet Earth” by Marceline Smith


Earth Day Stickers: “Earth” by Hayden Aube, “LOVE earth day” by Boogiemonst, and “World Peace & Love” by obinsun

Earth Day Stickers: “Robot Earth” by jarhumor, “map of the supercontinent Pangaea” by Richard Morden, and “A Day Out In Space – Black” by Sarah Crosby

Earth Day Studio Pouches: “Explore the Globe” by Leah Flores, “Earth Day” by piedaydesigns, and “Earth Day Celebration 1” by thematics

Share your favorite Earth Day inspired designs in the comments below!

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