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Artist Updates: Changes to Wall Tapestries

We’re very excited to announce that we have optimized the size requirements for wall tapestries. These lightweight fabric hangings are perfect for sprucing up your place, and now it’s even easier to add you artwork or photography to this exciting and versatile product.

Here are the new details:

Available in three sizes:

  • Small – 60 x 51”
  • Medium – 80 x 68”
  • Large – 104 x 88”

New Pixel dimensions:

  • Large sizes now 7632 x 6480px, previously 13500 x 11462 px.
  • Medium now 5904 x 5046px
  • Small now 4464 x 3815px

"Explore Galore" by cabinsupplyco


  • Repeat patterns look particularly striking, so be sure to try this feature out for your newly uploaded files.
  • These are great for folks heading to college dorms, looking to divide a studio apartment, or wanting to make a sofa or bed look snazzier.
  • For your promotional needs, check out our Wall Tapestry Template (preview above).


(Banner image: ‘Long Forest Walk’ by dyrkwyst)

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