5 Must-Have Stationery Items

Stationery has been a long time object of desire – with beginnings dating back to early Egyptian times (think animal skins), to 105 a.d. with the invention of paper, to current. Our love for sending someone a personal note or card, that reflects our own personalities and also charms the receiver, has never been easier.

We’ve created a small collection of some of our favorites to inspire you to bring more creativity into the world.

Greeting Cards – “Berry Fairy Cake” by Elisandra, “The Great Outdoors” by TonyRiff, and “You Are My Sunshine” by SillyHilli

Brighten someone’s day, give them a belly chuckle, or let them know you’re thinking about them with this great stationery item. You can choose a collection (so you’re prepared for any event) of your favorites and save money by choosing 8 for 20% off or 16 for 30% off.

Postcards – “Terror on the High Seas 2” by David Irvine, “Paris” by koivo, and “Cosmic Cyclone (2016)” by hookneye

Why not send an original postcard from an independent artist? Make your friends and relatives jealous of your terrifying ‘rubber ducky’ encounter or send them a little note to let them know you’re thinking of them. Choose 8 and save 20% or 16 and save 30%.

Spiral Notebooks – “Espresso Yourself” by , “Hairless Cats and Hairy Women” by tamaghosti, and “Maths Problems” by 

Kickstart your own creativity by finding the perfect design to inspire you for all your doodles, deepest secrets, and mathematical problems. These spiral bound notebooks contain 120 pages, are available in ruled or graph 90gsm paper, with a 350gsm cover and measure 5.7″ x 8.2″. Get one for you and your bestie and get 15% off.

Hardcover Journals – “First Kiss” by , “Fried Eggs Background Seamless 2” by , and “Ginger and banana” by 

Arm yourself with daily words of wisdom, record your creative ideas and musings. And when all of the pages are filled up, learn the art of paper planes or origami – the uses for these journals are endless. These 128-page hardback journals are available in a ruled, graph or blank 90gsm paper stock and measure 5.2″ x 7.3″.

Calendars -“Scott Naismith: Scottish Contemporary Landscape” by , “Panda And Polar Bear – Reader’s Favourite Collection 4” by , and “Patricia Van Lubeck” by 

Whether you’re into heavy metal, gouache paintings, animal illustrations, naked fireman (ahem), or anything else you can imagine – you’ll be able to find the perfect calendar for you or someone else. Redbubble calendars are made with a tough wire binding and hanger and feature stunningly sharp digital printing. They make excellent gifts and are great promotional tools.

We want to hear from you! Please share your favorite stationery items and suggestions for uses in the comments below.

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