What the Heck is Pi Day?

For those of us that love puns and fruit pies—or even throwing pies—there is no better day to celebrate these activities than on Pi Day. What the heck is Pi Day you say? It’s an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi), which is the ration of the circumference of a circle to it’s diameter, approximately 3.141592653.  Pi Day is observed every March 14th as 3,1, and 4 are the first three digits of π. There was even an Ultimate Pi Day we celebrated on March 14, 2015.

Since this is one of the most mathematically awesome holidays of the year, even recognized by Congress, we wanted to share some excellent Pi Day related designs.

T-Shirts featuring “The Inferior Pi” by wottoart, “OctoPi” by taylorroseart, and “Pi Rate” by detourshirts.

Tote Bags featuring “Pie and Pi” by jezkemp, “Pi on Pie” by caravantshirts, and “Emotional PI” by symbolgrafix.

Iphone Cases featuring “Chicken Pot Pi” by theshirtyurt, “Pi(e)” by jmcarlyle, and “Pi Pirate” by jezkemp.

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