Trending on Redbubble: Cosmic Designs

In our latest “Trending on Redbubble” collection, we take a look into outer space! (Cue really cool echo and a sci-fi theme song). Sorry, got carried away there but that’s what cosmic designs can do to our imaginations.

The cosmos has always been a source of mysterious inspiration, as it not only creates a sense of amazement but also feeds our imaginations when we start thinking about what else could exist beyond our own solar system. One of the many great things about cosmic designs is how versatile they can be when designing for products as you can really take advantage of patterns, textures, and colors. Every medium adds something special to the designs. So let’s take a look at some works to get your inspiration ready to blast off.

Be sure to click the images below to explore more work from the featured artists.

A-Line Dresses featuring “EP. HYPNOTICSKULL II” by eyespsyche, “Galaxy” by cadva, and “Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere | Pale Blue On Black” by danjohndesign.

Throw Pillows featuring “Galaxy Mix” by dinaramay, “Perhaps The Dreams Are Of Soulmates” by camerongray, and “Sol” by sofiabonati

T-Shirts featuring “Winya No. 101” by winya,  “Cosmic Lover” by medusadollmaker, and “Palm Reader by natashasines

iPhone Cases featuring “Brilliant Monkey” by 7115, “Psychonaut” by sandrofreitas, and “Strange Fortunes: Midnight” by lordofmasks

If you’re an artist, what do you find inspiring about the cosmos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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