Sticker Packs and Collections

When it comes to stickers you can never have just one, and you have to admit they can make your laptop, car, or even walls look so much better. They’re durable and come in a wide variety of sizes so you can pretty much stick them anywhere. No matter what you’re into there is sure to be sticker for you, and for those that often buy more than one, we now have some great options for getting multiples.

Sticker Packs

Whether you’re into pizza, coffee, aliens, or even sea life, we have a series of available Sticker Packs based on popular interests. Each sticker pack is filled with 10 excellent designs, and the best part is they are 50% off. So, you get some sweet new stickers that were picked just for you and save some money at the same time. Win-win.

Sticker Collection

If you would rather make your own sticker collection that’s an option as well. Buy any 4 stickers and save 25%, buy any 10 and save 50%. This way you can pick and choose exactly what fits you.

For Artists

This is a great opportunity to promote your stickers and encourage your fans to create their own sticker collection based on your works. There are a couple ways you can do this. One way is to create a new collection in your profile filled with your stickers, this way you can link to this collection when promoting this sale. The other method is to simply link to your personal sticker category so your fans can see everything you have offered.

All you have to do now is promote your stickers on social media. You can do this by creating a collection on Facebook, a sticker based Instagram story, and don’t forget that Instagram now allows for slideshow posts so you can feature a whole bunch of stickers in one post. It’s almost too easy.

Also, make sure to check out our blog on Tips on Designing for Stickers. For your promotional needs we have templates for a Sticker Covered Guitar and Laptop with stickers.

Take a look at the sticker packs and find one that stands out to you. For artists, create some collections and share them on your social media.

(Header image: Oh the mountains by greyish)

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