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Redbubble Staff Picks for March

Redbubble is an international company that welcomes artists from every rounded corner of the Earth. In addition to our wildly diverse artist community, we also have an equally diverse culture of people that work behind the scenes to make Redbubble it’s most awesome. Read on to see some of our staff picks, some new designs from 2017, and meet artists from our community.

"Love their entire portfolio, it's beautifully surreal." -Madeline Snow, Social Media Specialist

"The Flower Field" photographic print by seamless

According to Seamless profile, they reside on a small (we think secret) island with a friend. Check out more of Seamless’ collection of ethereal and otherworldly designs.

"They capture the childlike wonder of looking at our world in greater detail, adding unexpected elements that question and yet blend in beautifully. All this captured in wonderful muted colors that lean towards the dark. You are transported, take a big deep breath, relax and really look." -Eliz, Senior Quality Manager

"Wonder" photographic print by fizzyjinks

Catherine Swenson, also known as Fizzyjinks on Redbubble, was born and raised in England, and currently, resides in Western Australia. Check out Fizzyjinks portfolio to see more of her whimsically creative art.

"Love her witchy-vibe and am in awe of her traditional and digital skills." -Ashley, Customer Experience Specialist

"Cherry Blossom botanical" photographic print by Medusa Dollmaker

Spanish artist Medusa Dollmaker is a self-taught digital artist and illustrator. Check out Medusa Dollmaker’s collection of vintage, curly designs.

"I'm very much in love with her whole portfolio. She has a distinct style with clean lines and great use of colour. It just makes me happy." - Bea, Senior Localisation Manager

"Pastel Sky" by Elebea

Elebea, otherwise known as Sasa, is an Argentinian artist living in Isreal. Check out Elebea’s portfolio to see more of her fun and quirky designs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s staff picks! Share your favorites in the comments below.

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