Spotlight on Tattoo Artists

When you find that work of art you love so much you just want to surround yourself with it, some want take it a step further and have the art permanently attached to themselves. This is where tattoo artists come in (or, some really heavy duty glue but we advise against that). Tattoo artists are in a unique position as they posses the skills to not only create traditional works of art in a variety of mediums, but to also apply their creative offerings onto the human canvas.

There are certain techniques with tattooing that have helped to create it’s signature style, and this is often prevalent in the tattoo artist’s traditional works as well such as shading, dotwork or stipple-shading, linework, and coloring. So, with that, we wanted to share some Redbubble artists that not only work in the digital/traditional spaces, but also spend time as a tattooist.


John MDC

A self proclaimed skull and pattern obsessed tattooist, John MDC is currently working out of SquidInk Tattoo, UK. His work is just as at home on apparel as it is the skin of his next client.

"Death Adorned" by mdcindustries

Fiona Skipper

Also known as Fioski, Fiona Skipper was one of the artists in our 2015 Residency in Melbourne. When she is not at The Piercing Urge in Prahran Market in Melbourne, she can be found created mixed media works of art in her signature style. The piece below was created during the Residency and was inspired by antique wallpaper patterns, I think it would also make a stunning tattoo. Our very own graphic designer, Sharmini, has a tattoo by Fiona seen here.

"Antique pattern - Spider and Moths" by Fioski

Holly Astral

Working out the Hand of Mysteries Tattoo Collective in the UK, Holly’s style features mandalas, floral elements, and stunning dotwork. She also shares time-lapse videos of her tattooing on Youtube.

"Cat Lady" by hollyastral

Courtney James

A tattoo artist currently working out of Lygon St Tattoo in Melbourne, Courtney creates traditional work using fine liners and Copic markers as seen in this piece here. This is an excellent example of a classic rose tattoo design. Madeline, our social media guru, has a tattoo by Courtney seen here.

Rose Bunch" by courtelise

Mat Lapping

Illustrator, tattoo artists, and co-owner of Creative Vandals Tattoo Studio in Hull, England. Mat has a very dynamic drawing style, that not only looks great for traditional works and tattoos, but would also be right on home with street-art.

"Samurai Tiger Warrior" by matlapping

What artist would you love to get a tattoo from? Let us know in the comments.

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