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A Focus on Art Duos

There are many perks to being an artist aside from inspiring others and bringing creativity into the world, one of the biggest is being the captain of your own ship and setting the path that you want to follow. However, if you’re lucky to meet a like minded artist that has the same goals as you, it makes sense to join up and create a team. Now you’re both captains on the same ship, which is great because it makes it much easier to batten down the hatches and all that. Ok, I heard that in the movies and not quite sure what it means, but the point is art duos are double the creativity and a source of inspiration when you have a block. So we wanted to share a few art duos right here on Redbubble that show how beneficial teaming up can be.


This duo is made up of Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas; designers, illustrators, and musicians working out of Portugal. Their work is colorful, geometric, and quite often in motion. Along with creating inspiring illustrations they also bring their art to life in gifs and music videos. You can see an animated video they made for the band TodosSantos here.

"Conception" by FalcaoLucas

Creature Creature 

Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek make up the duo know as Creature Creature, who were also a part of our first Residency in Melbourne. They first met at university and officially formed their duo in 2011. Inspired by their background in fine art and graphic design, they love to play with the idea of duality, east meets west, and the natural world.

"Overture" by 2xcreature

Rotten Fantom

Known as Rotten Fantom, Elena Snegotckaia and Vladimir Snegotskii began working together in 2012. The duo uses dotwork (stipple) technique to create surreal and mystical works that reflect the never ending cycle of decay and resurrection.

"The End of the Summer" by rottenfantom

How do you like to work and is there an ideal partner in your dream duo?
Please let us know in the comments.

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