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Redbubble Staff Picks for February

Redbubble is an international company that welcomes artists from every rounded corner of the Earth. In addition to our wildly diverse artist community, we also have an equally diverse culture of people that work behind the scenes to make sure Redbubble is as awesome to you as we think it is. Read on to see a few images our staff love, new designs from 2017, and meet some of our artist community.

"His story is empowering." - Sabrina, RB Secret Agent

"Glacial (Fluid art on canvas)" by David Pringle

Sabrina is referring to the story of artist David Pringle.  On his profile page he mentions that he is first and foremost a father and husband. David also touches on what a lot of us feel, which is that if he’s not creating something he loses touch with his ‘inner self’.

Life has a way of putting some challenges in our path and David is no stranger to this. As a self-taught painter, he’s had to rethink and adjust for mediums and the inspiration around him. David has also learned to use his desire to create to work around the the challenge of working with a rheumatoid arthritis and a car accident that has created a situation where David is less able to get around to explore this world than he may have been.

However, David is creating art on his own terms and we have to agree with Sabrina, that is empowering!

"His use of simple lines, scratchy textures and minimal subject matter is fun and interesting." -Keegan, IP Coordinator

"The red sun and the mountain" by SteveSwade

Artist Steve Swade is passionate about landscapes, illustration, animals and typography. Not only that, he created his own coloring book last year! You’re never too old to color (one of my personal mottos).

"Abstract, color blocking and surreal design work. Gorgeous. Also, the designs are designed and edited to look good on products from t-shirts to tapestries." -Kristen, Creative Producer

"Nameless Woman" by TheUsualDesign

Italian artist, TheUsualDesign, joined RB in 2014 and has a diverse variety of designs. We especially like the ‘Colors, Paintings, Arts, and Tributes’ collections.

"In my opinion, it's got all the makings of a masterpiece: cats and flowers." - Jessie, Customer Experience Specialist

"Because Cats" by Huebucket

Artist Huebucket is an illustrator and graphic designer. If you’ve never seen a bunny, a pug, or an elephant doing yoga, we highly recommend you check out their shop. You might also just find a pair of kissing English Bulldogs (awwww!).

We hope you’ve enjoyed our very first staff picks for 2017! Please share your favorite works below!

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