5 Artists With Mouth-Watering Designs

During the holidays it’s not unusual to find that we’ve over-indulged a bit… or a lot. So why not sit back and enjoy some of these anti-calorific designs, and hopefully they won’t knock you off course with your New Year’s resolutions.

Kelly Gilleran’s all too realistic food designs and patterns make our tummies rumble with hunger. We love her vintage dishes – they’re clever, fun, and low-calorie!

You donut know how much we love Evgenia Chuvardina’s  version of some of our favorite foods. Although, we’re not entirely convinced that brightly colored figs wouldn’t taste even better than the real thing.

We love Leemo-design’s gorgeous fruity designs. They hold the kiwi (coconuts and cucumbers) to our hearts. Yum!

You’ll be feeling anything but melon-choly with these fun and vivid designs from Kakel. You’ll never be in a jam with these juicy designs.

Let’s taco-bout how awesome these designs are! We love these cleverly created and pun-y works by Tinybee!

Share your favorite food designs in the comments below!

(By the way, you look radish-ing)

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