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5 Artists to Follow on Instagram in 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous posts, you’ll know we’re excited about Instagram and what it can offer artists. Aside from being a handy tool for documenting adventures, it’s also a good way to connect with artists. Whether it’s work in progress images, behind the scenes stories, or even inspirational memes, Instagram is a great way to keep up with artist’s and see what they’re up to. So, we put together a list featuring a selection of artists that joined Redbubble in 2016 and are using Instagram to share their work.

You can follow the artists on Redbubble via their handles, and on Instagram with the follow button.


Based in St Petersburg, Russia, DalfaArt creates mesmerizing fantasy works in both watercolors and pencils.


Tijmen Ploeger is an illustrator working out of Berlin, Germany. His work is a mixture of characters and comics, which happen to be his two favorite things.


Saoirse is an artist, scribbler, and teacher out of Poole, England. She likes to spend her free time drinking coffee and painting strange watercolor creations.


A sculptor, illustrator, artist, and designer, Jonas Welin has a passion for drawing creepy and cute things.


Leanne Thiessen is an illustrator working out of Winnepeg, Canada. He passion for art comes from a childhood filled with camping, canoeing, and loving the outdoors.

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