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Update Your Profile for the New Year

A New Year is almost upon us and while this is the perfect time to relax, spend time with our loves ones, and just go outside and play, it’s also the time when we’ll be making plans for the year to come. Now unless your New Year’s Resolutions are just to relax and play, you will no doubt be thinking of new things you can do with your art and ways to promote yourself.

Updating your profile here on Redbubble is a great way to feel refreshed and energized to tackle a new year. Here we have some tips and links to helpful posts that’ll help you maximize your portfolio and make it easier for old and new fans alike to learn about you and your art.



"Let it Snow" by poodlesoup

Add a Cover Photo

One of the many new exciting updates to artist profiles this past year was cover photos. Each artist profile now has the option to add a 2400px wide by 600px high cover photo. This image can be a new piece of art you’ve created, a nice typographic logo, or anything really, the sky’s the limit. One of the things to think about when designing a new cover photo is how they will look on mobile devices. The amount of people browsing the web on mobile has grown tremendously, so it’s a good idea to make sure your new snazzy cover photo looks good on any device.

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Update Your Bio

While it may feel as though your bio will be skimmed or simply overlooked, an artist bio is an essential tool for fans to learn more about you. Aside from your dashing cover photo, your bio is one of the first things fans will see when they visit your profile. Your profile here will allow you to have a longer bio as well as a short bio that is now optimized for sharing on social media.

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Connect Your Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your fans, share your work, and and be inspired by the world around you. Your Redbubble profile currently allows you connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many more. You can see the full list and add your profiles in your Account Details. While adding your social media profiles is helpful for fans, it’s also helpful for us as well. Whenever we share work on our Redbubble Instagram profile and Redbubble Create profile, we do our best to tag the artist’s profile. You can imagine how sad we get when we learn the artist doesn’t have that specific social media profile, or has changed their profile to a new name and didn’t update it in their profile Redbubble details.

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Optimize Your Portfolio

During the past year we released a bunch of exciting new products; acrylic blocks, clocks, gallery boards, wall tapestries, iphone wallets, a-line dresses, and much more. With all of these new additions, it’s a good idea to go through your current portfolio and make sure your works are enabled and adjusted for all of the available products. This will not only make your portfolio primed for promotions, but also give your buyers a wider selection to choose from and allow them to find exactly what fits them.

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Here are also a few helpful posts from this time last year that are worth another look.

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Give your profile an update and fresh look for the New Year
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