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Open Discussion: What’s Your Artistic New Year’s Resolution for 2017?

The start of a new year can bring excitement for what’s to come and even a bit of relief, especially when the previous year might not have been what we expected. It’s also the time to make resolutions. We have plans to exercise more, try new things, eat healthier, or even overcome fears. Except of course the fear that cats are secretly using mind control to influence our behavior, that is real, right? Maybe my resolution this year should be to not let my imagination run away from me too much…

Resolutions are all about change, and change is a very good thing. What’s not good is when we make the resolutions and let them slip away from us. Maybe they were too lofty, or maybe we didn’t feel we had enough support. This is when you start to feel guilty and that initial excitement of your resolution fades. Having a clear and achievable goal is a good way to think about New Year’s resolutions. They might not be as exciting sounding when you’re wrapped up in the moment, but this is all about achieving an artistic goal.

So this Open Discussion topic is a simple one: Do you have a New Year’s art resolution, and if so what is it? It can be trying new mediums, learning new techniques, developing a new routine, or even learning more about social media and marketing.

"Follow Me" by Frank Moth

In addition to sharing your creative New Year’s resolution, we’re also asking you all to offer tips, advice, and words of encouragement to each other. It makes it much easier to accomplish goals when we know others are rooting for us and have similar goals. Let’s make 2017 a year filled with even more creativity. Take some risks, try new things, and let’s do it together!

Share your New Year’s resolution in the comments below.

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