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Heads up! We’re Testing Short Artist Bios.

Hi Redbubble Artists,

Over the past few months, we’ve been thinking about how to improve the way your Redbubble Profile showcases who you are. A big part of our thinking has been driven by the fact that more and more of your visitors and potential buyers are coming in on mobile devices, which have smaller screen room. One of the first things we did was to improve our cover images with the goal of giving you a quick and visual way of showing visitors what you’re about.

Currently, we’re working on introducing space for a ‘short bio’, 140 characters to give your visitors a taste of who you are to help them make the decision to browse your pages further. We’re keeping it short and sweet deliberately so that it shows up well in your header on mobile devices, and for new visitors who don’t want to read a whole essay! Here’s a prototype for what it might look like.

MissKatz' Artist Profile on Mobile

We’re currently in the early stages of developing this with feedback from interested artists, so if you’d like to get a sneak peek at this feature and help shape it, sign up for the beta test.  

Sign up for the bio Beta test right here.


Redbubble Artist Team


(Banner image: The Heart Of My Heart // So Far From Home Edit by Tordis Kayama)

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