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Decorating with a Series of Gallery Boards

There’s something fun about being a devoted fan. Whether it’s music, movies, comics, or ice cream, you want to be surrounded by it, although that last one could get messy. Being surrounded by so much inspiring art makes it easy to become a devoted art fan, and when you find that artist that you like it’s exciting when you see that they have created a series of works. A series or collection can focus on an overall theme that finds its way into every work an artist creates, such as social and political issues, color and patterns, positive messages, and even life and death. They can also focus on telling a story.

Gallery Boards are a great new product to cohesively display artworks in of theme or style. Not only are they affordable and easy to attach and relocate, but they lend themselves perfectly to series. The colors are vibrant and the watercolor texture adds a nice feel to the prints. Since many of the gallery boards follow a similar aspect ratio, it’s very easy to buy a series of prints and display them alongside each other. Decorating your favorite room has never been easier.

Framed Series by Charlotte Winter

For artists, there are many benefits to creating work in a series, both creatively and from a marketing standpoint. Series allow you to focus more on the subject and come at it from a variety of perspectives. If you are telling a story, you aren’t limited to one piece. Series also make it easier to experiment and further develop upon a new technique or subject. With the popularity of comics and graphic novels, many artists are even creating series of artworks that function in a similar way to graphic novels, and the works displayed tell a larger story. Every piece is integral to the larger series.

For artists, make sure to check out our blog on the top 4 Reasons to Promote your Art on Gallery Boards.

Here are some examples of artists that work in series and how the works can be displayed using gallery boards.

Witch Series (4 of 12) by LordofMasks

Hot Cakes Series by Kelly Gilleran

Take a look at the gallery boards and find a series that stands out to you. For artists, share your series in the comments below.

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