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An Update on Artist Profiles

Hi artists,

We’ve been engaging with the artist community over the last week, on our most recent changes to the Profile page.

We are hearing that:

  • The product carousels are too selling focused, and do not belong on a page designed to express an Artist’s personality
  • The product carousels do not display the products that an artist’s artwork looks best on
  • The artworks selected in product carousels are not an artist’s most preferred ones (for example, not the most recent additions)

After reflecting on this feedback, and user data from potential buyers on your pages, we’ve learned that the product carousels, in their current form, do not achieve what we hoped for. So, we have removed them from the Profile pages.

We remain committed to helping the artist community. In particular, we still believe the experience for first time Redbubble visitors remains unclear. We will continue working on changes, based on our research and based on your feedback, to improve this experience and help you sell more through your Redbubble store.

Please help us do this.


Redbubble Artist Team

(Banner image – ‘Princess‘ by Elisabeth Fredriksson)

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