12 Tips for Promoting Yourself During the Holidays

Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. Thousands of innocent people are currently working on their sprints, high jumps, and warrior cries in preparation for this day while others are brushing up on their lightening fast typing skills for Cyber Monday. So why not save some broken holiday spirits and possibly limbs by tempting shoppers to visit your shop from the safety (and sanity) of their own homes instead.

We’ve put together a list of 12 great tips to help get you and your Redbubble shop ready for the holidays.

"Sundays are for cake" Tote Bag

Create Custom Posts Using RB templates.

This is easier than ever with our awesome new templates. Make your artwork pop by creating custom posts. By showing off your designs on products, customers can get a better sense of how great a design will work in their own space.

Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ensure your customers will be 100% happy by making sure they shop at Redbubble. Did you know we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Your customers will rejoice in Redbubble’s hassle-free return and refund policy. Wrong size? No problem! Unhappy with the print or product? We’ll take care of it. Customers are our Customer Experience teams #1 priority. After all, happy customers = loyalty. This will be your customers brightest holiday yet!

Make sure work is formatted beautifully across many products.

Have you been put off updating your designs on all products? Well now is the perfect excuse to lock yourself in your room and update your shop. Make sure you’ve uploaded the largest file size, that all products are enabled, and your designs are formatted across all possible products. This  will ensure your customers have a wide variety of products to chose from and the print will be perfect.

-No one will blame you if you stay in your room until after the holidays. Make sure to stock up on yummy and festive foods like fruitcake ?

Fill out your bio

Fans love to learn more about their favorite artists. By adding a bio, you share a bit of the magic that makes your art so wonderful. You could include a blurb about what kind of artwork you create, where you’re from, where you might have studied, or what your interests are.


Update contact information

Envision a fan frantically typing away, searching the inter-webs, trying desperately to contact you about getting your awesome design in a different color for their entire family. Yet, they can’t find a way to contact you. First rule of online selling: Don’t make your customers cry.

Make sure your Redbubble bio is up to date with your current email and social handles so that fans can contact you easily.

Schedule social posts.

If you have a Facebook page, you’ll love this feature. You can schedule posts directly from your Facebook page using Facebook’s scheduling tool, allowing you to organize your Facebook promotions all at once. Instagram, on the other hand, is a little trickier. In order to schedule posts on IG you’ll need an app to help you out. Josh highly recommends BufferWhy not schedule of number of awesome posts, sit back, relax, and drink your weight in eggnog? Easy peasy! 

Link across multiple platforms and use those social buttons

Linking across multiple platforms is a highly important and often overlooked tool. By connecting your social media accounts with your Redbubble shop, your customers will be able to easily find your designs. Redbubble makes it easy to add your social media sites to your shop page too. Your customers will never get lost. Read more: FAQ – Advertising on Social Media

Hashtags = #

I’m sure you’ve all heard this mentioned enough that you were secretly hoping I was going to say hash-browns (which are delicious and un-nutritious), but hashtags are extremely important for getting your art seen by more eyes. Instagram allows 30 hashtags for each post by research suggest 5-10 are best. Consider adding the bulk of these as your first comment to keep everything clean and clutter-free.

"Why wear an ugly holiday sweater when you could wear this awesome 'Happy Holidays' Pattern!?"

Offer Incentives

What better way to get your fans excited than to offer incentives (also known as ‘free stuff’). Offer a free sketch, sticker, or other product featuring your work as a giveaway for reaching social follows and sales goals.

Be socially engaged

We love sharing the work of our artists and connecting with our artist community on social media. You can keep your fans excited and engaged by sharing completed works, your works in progress and new ideas. 

Also consider using creative and funny captions to connect with your audience; help reduce holiday stress, give your customers a chuckle and amazing, unique designs that they will cherish.

Connect with us on Instagram @redbubblecreate and @redbubble, Facebook @RedbubbleCreate and Twitter.

Thank your customers!

We all like to be appreciated and your customers are no different. Offering a ‘thank you’ allows you to connect with your customers and also makes the experience that much more special. I’ve heard customers say, while looking at their product with stars in their eyes, “I love this artist so much”. Yep, you’re practically a superhero.

One of the many ways you can connect with your buyers is by adding a note in your Redbubble account settings. You can read more about this in our FAQ.

And, most importantly, have fun!

Spread a little cheer, in fact, spread that stuff everywhere.

"Dove" by Shane McGowan

Share your suggestions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday preparedness in the comments below.

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