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11 Totally Awe-Inspiring Typography Artists

Have some awe-inspiring typography designs that you’d like to share? Please add them in the comments below!

Typography, a form of arranging type artistically, allows us to creatively express ourselves through the printed words. This week we are paying tribute to some artists and designers who have a keen eye for creating wonderful typographical art.

"Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Mint Palette)" Throw Pillow by catcoq

We love Catcoq’s organic typographical style and the patterns that emerge from her words.

"Free Spirit" Mug by theloveshop

We are enamored with TheLoveShop’s  design inspirational typography, it makes our hearts soar.

"Adventure Time" Spiral Notebook by LordWharts

We can’t get enough of the fun and creative use of typography in LordWharts charming designs.

"Karma ~ Snorkel Blue" Scarf by ApricotBlossom

Who can possibly resist ApricotBlossom’s enlightening designs with her delightful use of typography? Not us!

"Chocolate " Studio Pouch by rhysjenkinsgd

We love Rhysjenkinsgd’s bold and expressive use of typography. Who wants chocolate?!

"Say YES to your adventure " Tote Bag by theseakiwi

Who could say no to the uplifting typography messages and beautiful art of TheSeaKiwi.

"Type" Art Print by Steve Leadbeater

We love the wonderful complexity that Steve Leadbeater uses in his typographical works.

"Style" Studio Pouch by WesleyB

We love the pop of bright and bold images WesleyB creates with typography.

"Hey." by WordQuirk

Looking for a way to express yourself? We love Wordquirk’s creative and quirky typographical designs.

"Wild & Free" Drawstring Bag by WolfandBird

We’re completely awed by WolfAndBird’s use of design and typography to create delightful and expressive works of art.

"Color Your World" Gallery Board by GalaxyEyes

And lastly, who could resist the perfectly blended use of vivid and vibrant colors with typography to create bright and cheerful designs.

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