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Top 11 Styling Tips for Your New Tapestry

Redbubble tapestries come in all your favorite styles ranging from bright florals to foggy woodlands. Our tapestries are also available in three sizes. Whatever space you’re decorating, we recommend the following suggestions for creating a cozy, artful room.

"Tropical Garden IV" by Burcu Korkmazyurek

For those of you who rent, or would prefer not to poke holes in your walls…

  1. Velcro – Yep, velcro. Self-adhesive velcro can be purchased in long strips at many of your local hardware and craft stores. Simply apply some velcro to sections of your tapestry, then a section to the wall and VIOLA. Easy peasy. Tapestry hung.
  2. Command adhesive strips – Pretty much the ‘duct tape’ of the modern home, adhesive strips can be wonderful for hanging just about anything without adding holes to the walls or your tapestry. An additional fun idea, you can use the mini clothespins that come with every Redbubble tee or bulldog clips. Simply stick the mini-pins or clips to the adhesive strips and you have a perfect way to hang your tapestry, hole free.

Some other fun, styling tips for your tapestry:

  1. Headboard – Fasten your tapestry around your bed’s headboard to create a relaxing space, reducing the need for all that sheep-counting.
  2. Picnic Blanket – What could be better than a music festival or a picnic spent hanging out with your favorite artwork? Plus, you can use it as a cover up if it rains.
  3. Throw blanket – Brighten up your room and furniture by using your tapestry as a throw blanket. Switch them out every season to reflect your favorite colors and designs!
  4. Gift wrap – Make a statement and give the gift that gets remembered. How to do this? Place your gift in the center, pull the corners together and tie.
  5. Tablecloth – A table can be a place for family and friends to meet up to chat, share a meal, enjoy a board game, or a cup of tea or coffee. What better way to express yourself than with a tablecloth that is perfect for you.

"Tropical Garden IV" by Burcu Korkmazyurek

For those whose walls and tapestries that can handle some holes: 

  1. Nails, push pins, and tacks – A staple (no pun intended) in most homes and dorms, nails and tacks can be a great way to hang your lightweight tapestry.
  2. Mounted on a wooden frame – With a bit of time and effort you can stretch your tapestry over a canvas or wooden frame and staple the tapestry in place. You can also use foam core in place of the wood backing.
  3. Rod in casing – With a bit of stitching or the use of a sewing machine, you can create a small casing in which you can insert a wooden rod. You can then hang this rod from a picture railing or hook.
  4. Hanging from the rafters (or ceiling) – you can create a bohemian style room by nailing or tacking your tapestry to the ceiling. Remember to allow the center of the tapestry to remain loose and flowy to complete the look.

"Through The Trees" by Tordis Kayma

Have some extra tips for hanging your tapestry? Let us know in the comments below.

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