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Hey Redbubble artists,

We’re the Redbubble Artist Team. Nice to meet you. You probably noticed that there have been a lot of changes lately: removal of payment thresholds, profile cover images, buyer thank you messages. Those were us. We’re the folks who are dedicated to making you happy as humanly possible.

Sometimes you’ve asked for these changes. Sometimes they’re based on our own research. Sometimes we release them to a small number of you as a ‘beta’ test. But always, we’re working to make this experience better for you. Because we like what you do. A lot.

Occasionally, we won’t get it quite right the first time and need to tweak things. That’s why we’re asking for your feedback. Like what we’re doing? Not so crazy about it? Have suggestions? Let us know by using the form below.

We’re here for you because we couldn’t be here without you.


Redbubble Artist Team


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