Spotlight on Pixel Artists

Every generation has something specific that marks that point in time, whether it’s a song, movie, or the awesome parachute pants I’m holding onto. Video games and the artwork that brought those stories to life on our screens has endured for generations, and there is no style more infused with nostalgia than pixel art.

Artists creating the graphics for these old games did so with some technical limitations, but this is also what gave pixel art its style and even encouraged artists to push the boundaries on what could be done. While many video games today have graphics so realistic they’re competing with movies, pixel art is still widely used in indie and mobile games. There is also a good amount of artists that embrace the limitations of pixel art and create new worlds for us to enjoy. Even though the limitations are now self-imposed, creating pixel art can be tough and require oodles of patience. However, the end result is an image that drips with nostalgia. Imagine those drips as little squares and you get why this style is so fun.


Octavi has a great style and really knows how to convey mood with his pixel art. Each one of his pixel paintings are scenes inhabited by tiny characters and loaded with detail. 

"Maybe we should go back..." by Octavi Navarro (Pixels Huh)

Many of Waneella’s works are also made into animated gifs which shows the versatility of pixel art. 

"60K" by Waneella

Not only do these colorful and dreamy works celebrate the marvels of space, but they also look stellar on a wide variety of products. 

"8bit Ring Galaxy" by sp8cebit

While Obinsun doesn’t work exclusively with pixel art this piece is a great example of how striking this style can be. 

"Jesus And Devil Playing Video Games Pixel Art" by obinsun

Do you have a favorite pixel artist? Link us in the comments below. 

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