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iPhone 7 Cases are Here and It’s Time to Promote

As you have no doubt heard, Apple has announced the new iPhone 7 and its colossal companion the iPhone 7 Plus. With the energy surrounding this new iPhone release, there’s no better time to promote iPhone cases!

Pre-orders for the cases are starting NOW. The phone and cases will start shipping September 16th.

If your work is already available on iPhone cases, the designs will simply be transferred over to the new cases. However, if you’re feeling inspired, this is a great opportunity to create something new or freshen up your art for some sweet new cases. We also encourage you to check out your existing designs and make sure they look beautiful on all available cases.

The iPhone 7 has a few new changes such as a larger camera lens, dual camera for the 7 plus, and the removal of the headphone jack. This means just a few minor changes to the cases, but the snap, tough, and wallet versions will all be available for your art to sweeten up. So if you’re as jazzed as we are, spread the news on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all your social profiles really. Fans will soon be on the lookout for new and exciting iPhone cases, now is the time to make sure they see yours.

"Lunar Fruit" by jamesormiston

Check out this FAQ for the dimensions on cases and wallets.

And for tons of great advice on promoting your work on social media and elsewhere, check out these blog posts.

[Header image: “Sweet Tooth Pattern” by v0ff]

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