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Featured Artist: Tatyana Binovskaya

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"If you want to be successful, create, no matter what the obstacles."

Born in the Ukraine and now living in South Africa, resident artist Tatyana Binovskaya has dedicated her life to her creative talents.

Read on as she shares with us her passion for creating art that brings happiness and smiles to the world.

Featured Artist Tatyana Binovskaya

What’s the one thing you’re most proud of in your artwork?

I am proud of my works, as they bring joy and happiness to the people. I never sit near an easel in a bad mood and I think that to pour out your pain on a canvas is not fair. There are so many problems in the world, life is not always happy and in my art I carry the light, joy and pleasure to the people.

Your art is very passionate. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m always looking for stories that delight and amaze me. Working in Odessa, Ukraine I painted beautiful still lifes, formal paintings fill with harmony of lines and colors and bright beach scenes. Almost never done boring landscapes that make most of  my ukrainian colleagues. I love the beauty of the people, I can sit for hours and watch people’s faces. This is particularly exciting in South Africa, the country of “Rainbow Nation” as it was named by former Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Walk us through a day in your life as an artist, your creative routine

All my days depends of where you are. I will tell you about my favorite place in my art studio in Fresnaye, Cape Town. It is ideal place to work. Huge windows overlook the garden with swimming pool surrounded by tall and old palm trees. There is a lot of light in studio and place is very quiet, no one but the birds did not bother me. I start my morning with yoga and then I take fruit salad and Rooibos Tea, which I discovered in SA and now almost drink it in the morning and evening. I love to listen music, relaxing meditative music. I start my work and it is going like a meditation. At 11 I make a break and take my green tea with a piece of dark chocolate. I am very traditional and very happy with routine. The time of painting picture is depend of it size. Small portrait 30×20 cm I can paint in 4 hours. I feel myself very confident and I’m sure that I can do, can paint everything that I imagine. This is a very good feeling. Of course, it came to me with experience and many years of spending near my easel.   

What’s been the hardest lesson you’ve learned while creating a successful career? What advice would you love to have told yourself ten years ago?

I have never be unhappy with my artist career. I always knew that my talent and my path defined my destiny.

All my life I was engaged in creativity. In the beginning it was necessary to look for earn a living in another way. But not a single day I spent without painting. If you want to be successful, create, no matter what the obstacles.

"If you had honor to carry the beauty in the world, carry it with honor, in spite of any difficulties in your way."

"Best Wishes 1" Studio Pouch

Which is your favorite work uploaded to Redbubble and why?

My favorite work in my Redbubble page is of course “Best Wishes” In it I was able to convey all my best that I would like to wish to Humanity. My warmest and best wishes to all the people of our small and incredibly beautiful planet. Let everyone will be happy to give the joy of living light.

What’s been the best thing about the Redbubble residency for you so far?

For me, the best is, that I can do what I like from early morning till the late night and even in weekends. This is full immersion and that’s what I like to do most. In addition, I learn new skills to work on my painting convert it in digital. I understand that it is forced to divert to people in offices and residents free to interrupt with my questions. But I am confident that after a while I became pro!

What inspired you to move from the Ukraine to South Africa, and has this move influenced your art practice?

When I first arrived in SA from Ukraine in 2005, I was immediately struck by all the smiles and friendliness of the people. It isn’t in Ukraine and all the others countries and cities I’ve visited before. Inspired extraordinarily beautiful city of Cape Town and African art, I returned and created the art project “Ah, Africa” I really want to share with Ukrainian people how to smile. My project during more than 5 years traveled from different cities of Ukraine and by kind support of SA Embassy in Ukraine we teached Ukrainians to smile!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Talent is not given to everyone. Get this priceless gift and do not turn off intended path despite the difficulties. The artist’s life is not easy, as in other matters, the life of any person. If you had honor to carry the beauty in the world, carry it with honor, in spite of any difficulties in your way.

"Best Wishes to all of you!" Scarves

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